We teach meditation and Buddhism in a way that is relevant to life today. All our activities create a context in which people can develop in today's world in accordance with their highest aspirations, towards compassion and wisdom.

The vision of Sangharakshita, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community, invites us to discover what it means to be Buddhist in today's world: to transform ourselves in order to transform society; to move towards a society that respects the individual, the collective and the environment; to engage in mindfulness, ethics, generosity, spiritual friendship and benevolence. We teach two basic meditations, mindfulness of the breath, and the development of benevolence.

Our offer is open to everyone; you don't have to be a Buddhist to come and meditate or take a course with us. The door is open to everyone.

All activities take place in an atmosphere of friendship, community and generosity. The main language is French, but we also speak English, Dutch and Spanish!

Triratna Brussels is part of the international Triratna movement, which has urban centres and retreat centres all over the world.

Who are we ?

The spiritual community encourages freedom of thought. But that's not all. The defining principle of spiritual community, as opposed to the group's insistence on conformity, is more than just freedom of thought, important as that freedom may be. It is the freedom to grow.

Sangharakshita - What is the Sangha?